Enough is Enough

My fitness journey began with my grandmother. We were on a shopping trip at a department store to purchase an Easter dress for me. While I was a a tomboy then, I still enjoyed these trips because it was when our bond was the strongest. The problem however was my size. I was a middle school age girl who needed to wear a size 16/18 in women’s.

me at 12 years old
me at 12 years old

We browsed through the Misses section and for a preteen, most of the dresses were too old, too revealing, just too much of everything for a 7th grader.  As we pushed aside dress after dress after dress, the moment came…a singular point of frustration.

“Enough is enough”

I’ll never forget that feeling. It was a mixture of frustration, emotional pain, deep inner sadness, and most of all, a thirst for something more.

New Me
Me now

See, I always knew deep inside that I was destined for greatness. It was, and still is, an inner whisper that I’ve always listened to. It’s a voice we all have, waiting to be heard and acted upon. Many times however, we let our fears out voice that whisper. And because so many of us do this, we even fool ourselves into believing that not listening is easier.  That   is, in fact, a slow spiritual death.

From that day on my eating habits changed, bought dance fitness tapes with my allowance and did my workouts after school, and read every magazine article I could get my hands on for health tips, purchased from Books A Million or read right in the store if I didn’t have any money. I was that kid lol.

And I’ve been this way ever since, with my fair share of ups and downs along the way. But I will never allow myself to be that size again.

I will never allow myself to feel that way again.

While I am by no means perfect, I hope that by sharing my story, you will also realize your greatness.  And that to be great requires a sound mind and body.
So you, go be great.


New Year New Me

On December 20, 2013, an alarm went off inside when I realized:

I was not living up to my potential.

Now let me first say that I wasn’t doing too shabby up to that point.  I had returned to school to pursue a second bachelors degree in biology in 2011, was working at a great neighborhood museum, and currently live in a great  up and coming neighborhood.  So what rang the alarm? It was my 30th birthday and I was holding myself back in almost every area in my life.

My physical weight, the direction of my science career, and  my relationships at that time were taking away my precious energy and I knew that the only person I could change was myself.  My journey isn’t and will never be perfect.  But it will be worth it.  So here we go…